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School of Practical  Magic.
Have you seen a blindfolded kids read?


  Practical rituals.  Self workshop.  Real magic spells
Do not look for help from outside. We were created in Gods image.
We are capable of self healing and controlling our own destiny.

-Create harmony at home and in life with Feng Shui.  Read our Feng Shui Stories.

-Tap into universal energies by meditating with Mandalas.

-Cleanse your body and nourish your cells with perfectly structured water.

-Secrets of Abundant Love  -   Fallow those steps and see your love grow.

-Are you an Indigo or Chrystal child?
 Read this its a must, if you have children or plan to have them.

-Train your eyes to see aura and other things.

-Collecting your own energies lost in your past.

-Magical passes - shaman's ritual for women;  will bring balance to health and harmony to your life, attract well being and comfort, encourage creativity, help with confidence, support love and happiness and protect your space (aura). __________________________________________________________________________
Mandalas - What are the mandalas and how to use them ?
      First you can just simply look at them. This alone is a true visual delight. In order to do this we recommend you to retreat to a somewhat quiet corner and spent there some time without interruptions. It is best to use your meditation spot if you have one. 
      After you get centered have your eyes follow the lines: from the outside to the inside, if you want to concentrate and from the inside to the outside if you want to open yourself up to something.
      Perhaps then you will understand what a mandala does to us. It centers us; this means that it can lead us to our center and thus to a kind of meditation. Feel yourself relax, gradually you will become calm, you will circle around your center and will approach the essential - yourself in the great scheme of the whole.
Perfect water - Recipe for perfectly structured, healthy water.
You do not need anything special to make it but believe me it works wonders for your body.

1. This is the most complicated, but most rewarding method of water purification.
    You will need few (4-5) flint stones (1 stone per 1 liter of water) or one opal chalcedony.
-Boil  large quantity of water on the stove till small bubbles start popping up.
-Cool the water on a bed of ice. Do not put ice in the water only under the hot pot.
-Put few flint stones or opal chalcedony in the water and away for 2-3 days.
-Pour  most of the water in a container for the freezer but discard 1-2 inches of water 
 from the bottom of the pot , it contains all the heavy metals.
-Frieze the water till 1/3 from each side, top and bottom,  puncture the ice and 
 pour out the water from the middle. Dispose the ice.  You are not finished yet.
-Return the water to the freezer till 2/3 of the container freezes. 
 Now be careful before you assume the next step.
-Discard the water in the middle of ice and thaw out  the ice at home temperature.
 Use this water within next 7 hours for drinking and washing your face. 
 This is you perfect water  that will improve your well being
 and might even cure few things along the way.

2. This is the easier  method, if you do not have the stones.
Put the water in the freezer and repeat last  part.
-Frieze the water till 1/3 from each side, top and bottom,  puncture the ice and 
 pour out the water from the middle. Dispose the ice. 
-Return the water to the freezer till 2/3 of the container freezes. 
-Discard the water in the middle of ice and thaw out  the ice at home temperature.

Secrets of Abundant Love
Power of Mind.
Love starts with your thoughts.
Your loving thoughts create love in your life.
Positive statements will change your perspective of yourself and others.

Power of Respect.
To love somebody is to respect them.
Find something to respect in everyone and start with people you do not like.

Power of giving.
Before you can receive love you have to learn to give it.
Learn giving without expecting anything in return.

Power of Friendship.
To find true love, find a friend first.
To love someone does not mean look into somebody's eyes,
but look into the world in the same direction.
Love someone for who they are not what they look like.

Power of Touch.
-When  you open your arms you open your hart.
-Touch changes physical and emotional state and makes people 
more receptive to love.
-Touch can cure the body and warm up the hart.

Power of Communication.
-To love somebody is communicate with them.
-When we communicate openly and honestly our lives change.
-Never pass the opportunity to compliment somebody or to tell them that you love then, it might be your last chance.

Power of Commitment.
-Commitment is a true examination for love.
-When you are committed to someone, leaving is not the option.

Power of Passion.
-Spontaneity and sup rise create passion.
-Develop passion for living and you will create passion in love.
-Remind yourself of the times when you felt passion and recreate it.

Power of Trust.
-Love without trust is an aggravation.
-Trust in yourself, others and life.
-Cherish the trust for yourself and act not to betray it.

Eye training exercise:
1. Look at the sun setting or rising when its just at the horizon. Stare at it without blinking squirming your eyes a bit until you see the sun bluish - silver - gray color instead of yellow or orange. That is its true color.
2. Stare at the tiles or checkered board squirming your eyes until the picture becomes 3D. Try to make it smaller and then larger.
3. After you succeed with your previous exercise you can now look at the blue sky on the sunny day squirming your eyes again till you see tiny bubbles or spots in the air. 
Make them rain over you and enjoy it. This is the light of  the "Absolute".
4. Same as #3 only look for pulsing circles 30 degrees up from the earth. That is a flower of life.

Great site on seeing aura:
Collecting your own energies lost in your past.
When we experience love or hurt, joy or sorrow, excitement and euphoria we give out some of our energy. Death of a loved one can cause severe energy loss, some people never recover. When we grow older we become less energized, weary and sentimental, little things make us cry. 
The law of the universe states that energy does not disappear, therefore the energy you gave out during your lifetime is still hanging somewhere. You have to claim it back for yourself in order to be more stronger and healthier individual.

Meditation to claim you energy:
Sit comfortably, relax, breath deeply and imagine earth energy coming up your spine and exiting from the crown chackra and the sky energy entering your body from above into crown chakra down your spine and into the earth. After few minutes of deep breathing and visualization you can proceed.
You have to remember every relationship you ever had in details. Take one person at the time, but start with the one that caused you the most pain. Remember all your times together from the first time you laid eyes on each other to the last. Gather as much details as you can remember, see yourself there again, sweep away all the negativity and collect all the wonderful, loving, caring and exiting energy. See that energy as a golden light entering your body through the solar plexus till it's all in  and then disconnect yourself from the situation, just pretend that you cutting it off from yourself with a sword. If the exercise performed correctly you should feel a great relief. You have just claimed part of your soul back. 
How do you know if you claimed your energy back? - Go back into the same part of your life and if you feel no hurt and no sorrow only good feeling then you got it back, if not repeat until you do.
You will probably say that it is not possible to remember all your life in details, but  you will see that the more energy you collect the more you will remember.
Do this meditation every day for 5-10 minutes and you will feel stronger then ever.
Magical Passes - shamanic rituals for women
When  wamen-shamans of ancient times  saw energies surrounding our bodies 
they noticed that some movements lead to physical health, psychological balance and spiritual strength.
These movements were passed down from woman to woman for thousands 
of years and were protected from unwanted individuals by secrecy, but now is the 
time to release it to anyone who wants to learn.
Magical Passes  is a set of  12 exercises that completes your energy field (aura) by making it more whole and resistant to unwonted entities. 
The passes when performed regularly make women highly desirable and glowing with inner attraction.
Women become more healthy, creative, confident and successful.
Learn them privately with our master or create a group for  more affordable rate. 
Contact us for appointment at

Have a comment or something to add?  Send it to the e-mail above.

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