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Artists quotes:
- "Artists creations expends and enlightens his(her) consiousness"
- "Universal spirit helps artist to create the artworks."

From the article: 
THE WORLD & I Magazine

Galina Petrov was born into a family of scientists in Moscow. After finishing a special math high school, she was admitted to the Moscow Institute of Chemical Machine-Building. She graduated with a M..S. in Electro mechanics in Automation Engineering in 1971, and obtained a position as a research worker at the All-Union Research Institute for Building of Underground Main piping in Moscow. There she prepared different tests and wrote articles for the theoretical magazine "Building of Piping". 

During this time Galina became interested in and began to weave tapestries. By 1978-79, she has developed a collection of her tapestries which she displayed at four exhibitions in Moscow; including the Central Exhibition of Decorative and Applied arts. Her uniquely created tapestries, a celebration of life, attracted a great deal of attention at those exhibitions and Galina Petrov became known for the beauty and mystery of her images. A documentary, " As Children, We Liked to Draw", was made about Galina and her inspired art.

When she applied for a visa to emigrate from Russia, the film was banned, and at the time of her departure all her tapestries were confiscated by Soviet officials. 

In the spring of 1980 Galina Petrov arrived in New York City without any of her works. To survive, she attended jewelry courses and in two month she was working as a jewelry model maker for Adwar Casting company by day, and weaving her tapestries at night. She was also making ceramics at the same time. 
In march of 1981, Galina Petrov took part in a display of jewelry and sculpture in the Central Hall of the Sheraton Hotel in New York, and the next year she exhibited her "Le Teatre’ of Ceramics", Jewelry and sculpture at Jacqueline’s Gallery at 132 East 61st It took Galina almost 5 years to create her new collection of tapestries which was exhibited in February 1986 in Denver at the Amparo Gallery at the Elephant Corral.

The Denver Post wrote: " Some of her designs are reminiscent of Renaissance work, others draw on old Gobelin motifs, and still others are free-form contemporary pieces.". 
Galina Petrov"s interests are varied. She creates a number of exotic collages. The fabrics are layered, shaped and outlined by yarn in a technique evolved By Galina Petrov. She has designed a fashion collection of hand woven coats, skirts, ( she sent one of her skirts to Nancy Reagan as a gift) and original shawls. 
Mrs. Petrov has had shows at numerous galleries: the Gallery of Wearable Art of on Broadway; the Stork Gallery in Soho; the Raydon Gallery on Madison Avenue; and the Gallery Heritage International in Toronto; the Lee Gallery at Georgetown Court, in Washington D.C.; and at the Mari Galleries of Westchester, New York. 

Her works are now in private collections. ____________________________________________________________________________
 NY Arts Magazine
 May/June 2007
                                          Galina Petrov
"The Genius is one percent of inspiration and ninety nine percents of sweat " - Tomas Edison.

We do not know where our creativity comes from , but I believe mine comes from Universal Spirit. As an artist  I feel my creations expends and enlightens my consciousness. I began my career as an  artist waving tapestries of my own original design. They later became a part of interior in many homes and one is in a museum. With the berth of a computer I shifted my deeply imaginative nature to digital artworks and started creating designs for various industries. 

My artworks becomes a beginning process for interior designers,
decorators and designers of textiles.I use different styles and media
in my art and see products made from it. I am very happy to be able to
create and to expose my art trout today's Internet technology. 
I hope many can find my art useful and inspiring in your own creativeness.
Peace and Love to all.

Ladies World
Russian Monthly Magazine
May 2007 

Amsterdam - Whitney Gallery New York City, January 2008

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