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Easy Reference Guide to Feng Shui

You heard af Feng Shui and you know that it does wonders, but you do not know what to do? Fear no more. Just follow those easy steps and watch  the magic in your life unravel.

Step # 1 Make a floor plan of your living or working space and divide it into 9 equal parts
              as  shown below. Always line up entrance with 8th, 1st and 6 Gua.
              This is Bagua of your house with 9 Guas in it. 

4 Gua
Wealth. Power
Life Force. Freedom. Inspiration. Distraction. Power over others.
2 Gua
Partnerships                   and relationships.
3 Gua
Support groups 
religions  congregations 
5 Gua
Place of prayers,  Meditation,                            Formation of   the thoughts.
7 Gua
Children. Creativity. Passion. Manifestation of the inner potential.
8 Gua
Knowledge.                         Education. Spirituality.
New Beginnings
6 Gua
Helpful people, Sponsors.  Friends.

Step # 2 Choose the Gua that corresponds best to the aspects of your life that you need
                 help with  the most. Read suggestions under Gua number corresponding to your
Step # 3 Choose a suitable  picture from our Feng Shui Collections or any other, that 
                 you like the best. Order it as a ,design only, and print it yourself, or as a ready
                 poster or giclee (print on canvas).
Step # 4 Place your Feng Shui art  in a right Gua with the right thought. Put it in your
                diary the date and the move that you did, if you do not have one I suggest you
                start one, because you will need to proof to  yourself that when the right thought
                with the right tool is put together they produce a fantastic  results. 


1st Gua - Element  - Water. 
Colors: Black, Gray, Blue
Career. Hobbies. Skills.  New beginnings. Decisions.
This section generates the chi's force that fuels the issues regarding the type of work you do, or the type of work you aspire to do. 
-For career purpose - hang artwork with a lot of black in the kitchen, for example : Cool
-Place Artworks with running water in it to create dynamic pattern to give  a little push to your career. It will always create  jobs for you. We have few in Nature Art Prints.
-Picture of a fountain will bless the  career aspect. 
-Art peace with a road in it will open a new   way to the future, but be careful what  else will be on that picture. Speaking from experience. I ones ended up in the city on my picture without knowing it.

2nd Gua- Element - Earth. 
Colors: Pink, Red and White, Yellow, Orange, Ochre.
Marriage, Relationships. Your ability to draw on a successful, loving
partnerships and relationships with yourself, your marriage partner and friends.
You want to find a partner, successfully ? Place things only in pairs in that Gua. For example:
-Pair of artworks with favorite flowerswill bring joy in your relationships.
-Want some humor in your life? Place a couple of caricatures on your wall. Just make sure 
there is either a couple on it or there is 2  art pieces. 
- If your 2nd Gua is your Kitchen, you can find some interesting posters in Kitchen Art or
Food  Collection.
- If you looking for some sex in your life choose some real Art from Erotica . Just make sure 
that you  like it and your partner understands, but 1 out of 2 is good enough. Just remember: 
" If  an art  peace  becomes a conversation peace, then you are on your way to reaching your goals."

3rd Gua - Thunder. Element - Metal. 
Colors: Green. Dark blue. Gray. Black.
Family. this section represents biological, reconstituted and nontraditional family units: support groups, religions congregations, your inner circle of friends, family of coworkers and other units or organization.
-To create balance in relationships with your boss, coworkers or your family members as well as  to improve on your health -  place artwork with deep greens and black colors. See some suggestions in our Feng Shui Collection.

4th Gua - Wind.   Element - Wood.
Colors:  Purple. Green/Red. Dark blue.
Wealth.  Power.  Success.
This section generates the Chi that draws on the energy that oversees finances and all the things that we perceive as connoting wealth.
-Place artworks with movement in it , create a vortex of wind to generate the energies of the wind. See some suggestions in our Feng Shui Collection.
-In addition, burn green candles, add 3 purple throw pillows to the couch in your wealth corner in  the living room. 

5th Gua  -  Center of the Bagua. Yin Yang.
Color: Yellow. Orange. Tan. Gold. Brown. Red.
Place of prayersmeditation, formation of the thoughts.
-Choose any of our artworks from Abstract Art , Fantasy Art , Space, or Nature Art Prints
that bring  you peace and balance.  Place it in 5th Gua and feel the soothing energy streaming from the art  work.   Invite it to draw the necessary energies to your life.

6th Gua - Heaven. Element - Metal. Male energies.
Colors:  Gray. White/Black.
Helpful people. Sponsors. Friends. Travel.
Helpful people refers to all people we come in contact with who aid and direct us along life's path: your boss, friends and family, counselors, teachers, financial advisers.
-Place an art print with the energies of manliness and stability , like our Treasure Art Print,
or Mystery, for example.
-Choose some scenery from Nature Art Prints that you would like to visit.
-Do you enjoy crystals and stones? Take a look at our Stones Collection, select the ones
you like, place it in the Gua and draw the energies from then every day. Even thought most 
of them are priced  with copyright,  you can still buy them as an Art Print Design starting at $49.50.

7th Gua - Lake. Element - Metal.
Colors: White.Off White. Light gray.  Yellow. Brown
Children .Creativity. Passion. Manifestation of the inner potential.
 This section represents the future and all the life affirming things that we give birth to: all your descendants and all issues of creativity including new thoughts, new ideas, art, writings and aspirations.
-Place a poster of the still water -  lake ( for example) to bring out your true potential and creativity from deep within. Nymphs on a night lake is a good example.
-Lost something significant in your life? Place picture of a fountain - it will come back to you.
-An art works with fish from our  Nature Art Prints  will attract money your way.

8th Gua - Mountain. Element - Earth.
Colors:  Blue. Black/Green. Yellow. Brown. Red tones and 
Knowledge. Education. Spirituality.
This Gua generates the energy that brings us our opportunities and lessons for our spiritual growth and educational pursuits.
-If you have a teenagers at the house and you want to give them a push in seeking knowledge place an art work with a mountain in the 8th Gua and create some support by the power of a mountain and what a power mountain has; it is the highest thing on that planet. Create the strong support for your  kids, they are our future. Check out some art prints at Nature Art Print.

9th Gua - Fire
Color: Red. Purple. Orange. 
Fame. Life Force. Freedom. Inspiration. Distraction. Power over others. 
It refers to fame such as public recognition, wanting to be a well known doctor, business  person, speaker or receive  a recognition as a parent or inspiring teacher.
- If you want all of the above and fast an art work of an erupting volcano or a sunset will do the trick, you can  find  those in our Nature Collection.
-Look into our Abstract Art Print Designs to find large selection of red and orange color combinations to bring some fire energy in your space and into your life.

Colors and Energy Effects. 
Color can have a profound impact on the moods of the  energy flow. Certain colors can enhance one's Chi, while others depress and limit one's energy.

Colors that:
Lifts energy -yellows, red, turquoise, bright colors. 
Slows down energy - browns, rusts, all dark colors .
Softens energy - light pinks and greens, corals, pastel colors .
Draws energy - reds, gold's, rich purples colors .
Neutralizes energy - whites, beige, tans colors.
Enhances creativity - oranges, turquoise, teals, vibrant blues.
Enhances spirituality - purples, violets, white .
Warming colors - reds, oranges, yellows, yellow green.
Cooling colors - blues, blue green, lavender. 
Romantic colors - pinks, reds, oranges, warm greens .
Sexual colors -reds, black, oranges, hot pink .
Grounding colors - reds, browns, tans, beige.
Power colors - golds, black, burgundys, reds, royal blue.
Soothing colors - green, blues, peach.

 Table arrangement 

Greens and blues
Green is for Wood and blue is for Water in the system of The Five Energies. They are cool tones and tend to reduce our appetites. You might consider using them for a light afternoon tea.

 Reds and yellows
These are colors of the Fire and Earth energies. Earth colors (yellows and browns) are perfectly harmonious with digestion. Fire (red and oranges) is the mother of Earth and stimulates appetite. They are excellent on their own or in combination.

Gold and pinks
These are warm shades, also linked to Earth and Fire energies. They have a stimulating effect and generally tend to create a happy, convivial atmosphere, though not as intense as,  for example, the red table cloths of a lively Italian cafe.

Dinner for two 
You are planning a romantic evening  for two. The accumulated instincts of centuries will probably tell you how best arrange the table, and a little Feng Shui advice may confirm this. Fire energy should be present, but not too intense. Try a table cloth in the purple spectrum. Candlelight will make a big difference, but use a single candlestick.
Other energies are present on the table - Wood (the flowers), Water (the champagne),
Earth (the plates and the table itself). Open your heart and enjoy. 

By Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner 

                                                       Svetlan a Petrov
About the Artists || Store Policy || Contact Us || Help || Resources/Partners || Projects

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